miércoles, 26 de agosto de 2009

Use the concept discipline into my story of Sookie Stackhouse

The concept of discipline means, in general, that a person is to have a constant order with himself and with the law.

In my story the concept of discipline shows up with the protagonist Sookie, because like I said Sookie is a telepath, so because of this she has the power on the peoples thoughts, with this ability Sookie have to be responsible with the information that she gets from the people. When Sookie is at work, she uses a lot the concept of discipline, because she has to be careful and put attention with the words that people say with their mouth or with their thoughts, because like everybody Knows the people’s thoughts are private and Sookie doesn´t have the right to invade and exhibit their thoughts. In general the protagonist proves how a person can have a constant order with herself and with other people and how a person can use the concept of discipline in every moment in her life.

Another way in which my story explains the concept of discipline is with the commitment that a person has when they read a book, a person who loves to read proves that they have a lot of discipline, because they show order when they read in a constant way, so I think this is a god way to try and use the concept of discipline in their lives.

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  1. I like your speach a lot, it was very interesting. Its was a good example. I liked.