martes, 25 de agosto de 2009

Sookie Stackhouse Saga (Using Modals)

The story begins with a girl call Sookie Stackhouse, she is a telepath, she is able to read humans minds. For her reading humans mind is like a curse and because of her ability she gets some problems for free.

Sookie lives in a little town called Bom Temps in the state of Washington U.S.A., she is a waitress in a bar called Merlots, in this bar one day something happened, a vampire shows up. His name is Bill Campton, a number of Sookie’s friends were in shock to see the vampire get in the bar, but Sookie felt released, because when she tried to read his mind and she couldn´t, so she fell in love with him. When Bill saw Sookie, he felt some different attraction but he didn´t understand “Why?”, so they began a relationship.

One day Bill takes Sookie into a bar called Fangtasia, the owner of this bar is a vampire called Erich. Erich is a very powerful vampire; he is the sheriff for the vampires in the area 5, so he is the boss of Bill. When Bill shows up with Sookie, Bill said to Sookie “Here are the vampires you wanted to see”. But in that moment Erich felt some attraction for Sookie, so when Bill go to said Hi, Erich couldn’t take out the look on Sookie, Something happened in the bar and Erich found out that Sookie was a telepath, so Bill took Sookie out of there. Bill noticed the reaction of Erich, so he has to found something to save Sookie from Erich, because in the moment when Erich decided to had Sookie with him, he could do it because he is more powerful than Bill.

At the end Sookie got in debt with Erich and she had to work with him to save Bill from Erich, so she read the minds of the humans employers in the bar from Erich to found out who is the one who Stoll him money. Finally she found out that a vampire was the responsible, Erich sets Bill free, but Sookie has to work with for him in the next book.

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