martes, 18 de agosto de 2009

1. How to avoid problems about nationalism in México


Many Mexicans believe that privatizing the oil is like losing their autonomy and if that is said by a foreigner it is worst.

Possible solution

Hey man, if you let me tell you something about Pemex, I would tell you that in USA we believe that it would be better for you to privatize oil, but tell me what you think, because you are the most interested and you are inside of the problem.

2. Respect

Situation is

In México people respect their mom’s and sister’s a lot, but with a sister they respect and protection is even more, so in a party they always are watching who talks to her and pay attention in what someone said to her.

Solution or Advice

First ask if her brother is in the party? Then if he was, do not dance to close with the girl, also do not say bad words and finally introduce yourself to the brother very politely.

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