jueves, 20 de agosto de 2009


1- What is the text about?

The text talks about why is important the social network, and explained specifically the functions of LinkedIN and how to use it for have succes in bussines and to be conected with the peopole related to you interests. It matter´s to our team because we live in thechnology an social time and all the tools that we can use for being succesful are needed to be used.

2- What has the author being trying to convey?

He was trying to explain that if we use tools as LinkedIN as a project of marketing and relationships we can improve our impact in public and of course doing in a shorter time.
We agree with the idea.

3- What is the text trying to do?

It´s trying to persuade us the idea of using LinkedIN.

We think that the text have a very good point, and we agree with the idea of using LinkedIN.

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